school solutions

Anesu School Uniforms was set up in 2012 after we identified a gap in the provision of proper uniforms for our many schools in South Africa. Many schools either have no exclusive service providers or are provided by suppliers who are not committed to high quality standards.

We have a dedicated manufacturing factory, including:

  1. World class embroidery machines
  2. Dedicated seamstresses and tailors
  3. A fully functional supply chain including access to the latest and most cutting edge uniform designs, material and threads to ensure a unique look for all our customers
  4. A dedicated management team with a sole focus on ensuring value for money for all our clients across the Republic of South Africa

Our mission and company objectives

Anesu School Uniforms aims to provide high end bespoke uniforms Several sources of research have shown that:

  1. Children derive a sense of pride from wearing distinctive uniforms that emphasis their unique schools
  2. High end uniforms create a sense of competitiveness between schools and this is reflected in both improved academic grades as well as sporting excellence
  3. Lower levels of truancy and “bunking” are recorded at schools with distinctive uniforms as children are easily identified by the police and community leaders – this is a great deterrent for wayward children

Anesu School Uniforms is committed to transforming education across South Africa and believe our competitively priced high quality uniforms will enable Principals, teachers and learners to enjoy schooling benefits that have for years been the preserve of the wealthy.

Our products and samples

  • 1. Tunics, Skirts
  • 2. Learner & Staff Golf Shirts
  • 3. Embroidered white-shirts
  • 4. Tracksuits
  • 5. Jumpers, Jerseys, Scarves & Beanies
  • 6. Sports & LO outfits (shorts, shirts, team outfits)
  • 7. Special occasion requirements (e.g. school anniversary outfits)
  • 8. Blazers
  • 9. Matric jackets

School shops

In 2013 we developed our onsite school uniform shop concept for schools and launched the first concept store at Athlone Girls High School in Observatory, Johannesburg. The concept has been a huge success as it allows the school to:

  1. Contribute to and control the design of uniforms on an annual basis
  2. Benefit from Anesu Clothing and Embroidery’s consignment deals where the uniforms are held at our working capital cost, but are owned by the school, until bought by the students
  3. Benefit from a source of income as a set percentage of uniform sales is channelled back to the school
  4. Provide employment for school parents who are trained to man the school store

We aim to roll the concept out to more schools over the next 5 years.

Inter-schools sports events management

At the heart of Anesu Clothing and Embroidery is our unflinching support for South Africa’s children and learners. We believe sports in schools can contribute positively in the long run to the Republic’s GDP and economic bottom line by:

  1. Reducing illness (obesity and cardiovascular related illness) and the associated cost to the fiscus
  2. Eliminating behavioural based risks to children (e.g., HIV) by keeping our children busy and off the streets
  3. Improving the standards and quality of academic grades, due to reduced truancy, increased concentration levels (linked to sporting prowess and fitness) and the increased competitiveness that comes about from sporting events