management consulting

Zamlim Consulting Group was established to meet the needs and aspirations of senior executives in sub Saharan Africa.

  1. Our consulting approach, has developed over the last 5 years and is a critical imperative for clients that require an action-oriented offering
  2. Our distinct execution offering and toolkits, differ from the traditional consulting offerings in the market as they include, the robust application of execution methodologies and structured implementation programme management techniques (incl. Prince2, MRICS, Lean Six Sigma) as well as deep government relationship skills
  3. We have hired deeply experienced practitioners, with an average of 10+ years (each) experience, in implementation work
  4. This ensures an integrated service offering to our clients, providing a smooth transition between consulting work and the subsequent implementation to maintain momentum and minimise rework or misinterpretation of recommendations

We help clients execute through applied problem solving, detailed program management and the development of mindsets, capabilities and behaviours. We also have a keen interest in the government sector space and aspire to improve the wellbeing of our fellow citizens through enhanced service delivery.

Service delivery

At the heart of government is the ability of each and every department and SOE to deliver service. Zamlim Consulting Group has developed a suite of toolkits and approaches to enable better service delivery. These range from root cause analysis of poor service delivery, design of processes, embedding of measures and KPAs to track performance, alignment of roles and responsibilities to improve service delivery and the sharing of experiences and best practice between different government departments and SOEs to foster closer working and cooperation

Capacitating our people

Training and up skilling is the fuel that ensures long term policies such as the National Development Plan maintain momentum. We have several years of experience in designing and implementing training programs for SOEs and government departments ranging from basic client (citizen) management to technical subjects such as the PFMA Act application and supplier management. The success or failure of long term government policies is dependent on the competency levels of our government colleagues as well as “knowledge based confidence” to execute and manage citizens needs and expectations

Managing projects

Large scale investment by the Republic, stimulates growth and innovation. At the heart of Zamlim Consulting Group is project management. We believe that 80% of projects are delayed or suffer from budget overrun’s due to poor planning and contractor productivity. Our experience building Results Delivery Organisations (RDOs) as well as managing contractors result in reduced financial wastage and on time projects. A key enabler for service delivery

Implementation is the glue that binds all of our efforts at Zamlim Investments. Developmental state regions such as sub Saharan Africa requires some thought around strategy, but a greater deal of focus on implementing and executing. Zamlim Consulting Services does just that. We have a network of practitioners whose sole aim is project delivery. We believe in less frills and a greater focus on schedule, cost and scope.

We have a wealth of prior experience locally and internationally, working on some of the most critical challenges faced by clients of top tier strategy consulting firms and we now apply these skillsets and share our experiences with our own client base that we are growing in sub Saharan Africa.

Dzingira, Director, is a Strategy and Operations Consultant with over a decade of international and sub Saharan consulting and industry experience specialising in strategic and enterprise performance management and improvement.

He has significant consulting experience in Power Generation, Mining and Resources, Retail, Public Sector, Travel & Transport, FMCG, IT and Retail Banking. Client experience includes: Eskom, BHP Billiton, Anglo-American, Transnet, DHA, Shoprite SA, Sony UK, Hitachi Data Systems, Welsh Assembly Government, Avis Europe, Vodafone, Wolverhampton City Council, and Sainsbury's. Prior to starting up Zamlim Consulting Group, Dzingira worked at several blue chip consulting houses, including KPMG Consulting (Europe, 2004 - 2008), FeverTree Consulting (South Africa, 2009 - 2011) and more recently, McKinsey and Company (South Africa, 2011 - 2013). Dzingira is a Chartered Management Accountant and a Prince2 certified project management professional.