human capital

Over the past few years companies and firms have become much more complex and difficult to manage. In part this is due to the greater need for organisations to be more global in outlook,tougher macroeconomic environments as well as the added issue of gelling and building high performing teams from different cultural backgrounds.

Zamlim has developed a compelling Human Capital offering. This is based on our Risk-Reward model which identifies candidates that have a greater understanding of the importance of tying their careers and efforts to an organisations longer term performance.

Unlike other traditional recruitment firms, we do not simply “mine” CVs from the internet, nor do we employ the traditional hit and miss approach where many candidates are sent to organisations in the hope that “one sticks”.

We use a 4 pronged approach to identify suitable candidates for high performance organisations. Zamlim Human Capital sweats our SADC networks, applies aptitude testing, unpacks the true motivation of candidates and ensures they are well prepared come interview time.